Animals from Farm Animal Frenzy have new homes

Five fiberglass animals that competed in the N.C. State Fair’s Farm Animal Frenzy have new homes. All five pieces were sold to North Carolina buyers in an auction that ended yesterday. The items add a total of $1,521.58 to state coffers.

“We had quite a bit of bidding for these pieces so it was fun to finally get to open the bids and see who bought them,” said State Surplus Property Officer Robert Riddle. “We hope everyone enjoys them … .”

Riddle said the three 6½-foot-tall chickens and a life-size cow and horse each averaged about 50 bids, ranging from mere chicken feed to $352.58, along with high foot traffic and a marked increase in calls.

Bill Ellis, director of the Kinston Parks and Recreation Department, knew a good deal when he saw one. He snagged a chicken and the horse for $300 each, but was outbid for the cow. “We’re going to have fun with them,” Ellis said. “We’re going to use them at our Neuseway Nature Park. We’ve got a miniature train and we’re going to put them along the track for young kids to enjoy.”

Perhaps not surprisingly, the Wayne County Livestock Development Association Inc. bought a chicken for $259. The other items were sold to citizens in Raleigh, including $310 for a rooster and $352.58 for the cow.

“I just found out and I’m still kind of stunned,” said an amused Julie Woolsey, who bought the rooster. “For the short term, he will go in the yard, but I have plans to fix him up with some friends as an art project.”

Hat tip to Jill Lucas at the N.C. Department of Administration

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