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Squealing, speed-racing pigs. Giant blue ribbon pumpkins. Old-fashioned Ferris wheel rides. And, of course, deep fried food on a stick.

Admit it, you’ve been counting down the days until the N.C. State Fair–and we have too. That’s why the N.C. Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services started Deep Fried @ the N.C.  State Fair, a blog dedicated to bringing you the inside scoop on what makes the State Fair come together every year. We’ll be your go-to guide during the fair as well, bringing you the tastiest foods, flashiest rides, newest exhibitions and coolest State Fair characters.

Join us on this wild ride behind-the-scenes of North Carolina’s biggest celebration of agriculture. Check out the fair website at www.ncstatefair.org for the latest info on entertainers, tickets and events, and we’ll see you there!


  1. Great job NC Dept. of Agriculture! GO AMANDA! 🙂

  2. Can someone tell me if the people who sell the BACON RINDS will be back this year, I think they are from the western part of the state.

  3. Straight from rumorville, the guys from Woody’s in Cary and Raleigh are bringing their famous Buffalo Chicken Rangoons to the 2009 Fair. You gotta try these babies. Nothing like it.

  4. Hello,

    We’ll be riding the train to/from Charlotte to the State Fair and plan to use the train platform at the fair. We’re staying one night at a local hotel and wondered if there is anywhere on the fairgrounds that we can store our luggage. We didn’t want to have to take a taxi to/from the fairgrounds to the hotel until the end of the day. Of course, we don’t want to be dragging luggage around the fair all day either. The train station will hold it for us but I have no idea how far away the station is from the fair. Anyone who can suggest a solution…please advise.

    This is our first time to the SF and we’re looking forward to it!

  5. Driving through Cary yesterday we stopped at Woody’s for lunch and tried their fried Buffalo Chicken Rangoons. We plan to go to the fair and certainly get our fill of these. I recommend everyone try thes tasty treats.

  6. Will there be a tobacco auction at the Fair?

  7. I heard they had fried butter at the fair this year. Is this true? How in the world do you “fry” butter???

  8. You all need to head to Rice’s Roasted corn, for some good ole Deep fried Corn. It is fantastic. You can’t miss the big yello Sign on top of the building: “Rice’s Roasted corn”…right by the Kiddie Section near the indoor aprt of the flea market. The deep fried corn is delicious!

  9. I tried the deep fried corn and it was great, just like the fellow mentioned earlier.

  10. That’s one of the best looking pre-war Fords I have ever seen. Really gorgeous.

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