A photogenic affair

We love to see the State Fair through your eyes, or technically, your camera lens. That’s why we asked you to post your Fair photos from previous years to our Facebook fan page.  

Thus far, our wonderful fans have posted pics ranging from poses with the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile and Clifford the Big Red Dog to rows of brightly colored apples and spinning fair rides. 

Now, the time has come to announce the first deep-fried photographer who will win a prize pack full of State Fair goodies (Drum roll please). The lucky winner is our great fan and friend, Meredith Foster. Here is her winning photo: 

Photo by Meredith Foster

Capturing the crisp autumn leaves with a background of Fair favorites, Meredith’s photo celebrates old and new traditions. Today’s waterfall, located near Dorton Arena, has been a landmark and symbol of the N.C. State Fair since constrction of the original waterfall near Gate 11 in 1940. To the left, the Jim Graham Building, the Fair’s livestock arena, represents North Carolina’s agricultural heritage. To the right, lights, food and rides represent the new tastes and thrills of the Fair. 

So we ask you, what’s so great about the N.C. State Fair? Judging from Meredith’s photo, the answer is everything. Whether it’s the exhibits, rides, deep-fried food or livestock, the Fair has something to offer everyone. Keep posting photos on our Facebook fan page and maybe your photo will be chosen next!

About SweetCorn

Katie Ray interned for the N.C. State Fair in 2010. This is her bio from that year: Normally, I’m known as Katie Ray. However, from now on, I’ve decided to be referred to as Sweet Corn—after all, who wouldn’t want to be nicknamed after a vegetable that tastes like candy? Growing up on a small dairy farm, I have always held the N.C. State Fair close to my heart. From the livestock and rabbits to the deep-fried food and rides, I truly do love every aspect of the Fair. Through this blog I hope to spread my enthusiasm for and keep y’all informed about 2010 Fair happenings!

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