A (not) deep fried review: Some like it hot

One of the hottest food items on the fairgrounds is also one of the coolest. Country Folks Creamery from Clayton introduced the Carolina Reaper Pepper Ice Cream, made from a pepper that is so high on the Scoville Scale that you have to be over 18 and sign a waiver to purchase it. But a 2.2 million Scoville heat unit rating didn’t deter the Deep Fried Crew from trying it out.

Candy Apple and I both like very spicy foods. Keith, our brave co-worker, says that he like things a little spicy. Check out the video to see how we faired.


We enjoyed it and we talked another family into giving it a try as well. (Their reaction was mixed.) After finishing the Carolina Reaper Pepper ice cream, we tried out their other new flavor, Krispy Kreme (our review is also on the video). It had a subtle glazed doughnut flavor, and it was well-blended into the ice cream so there wasn’t a chunky texture to distract you.

We dare you to give the Carolina Reaper Pepper Ice Cream a try, especially if you can double-dog-dare a friend to try it with you.

I’m guessing our co-worker Keith won’t be volunteering for any food review assignments with us again! But he was a great sport and gives the every-man-point-of-view when it comes to how hot this ice cream really is.

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