A Century with R.E. Miller, Jr. & Sons, Inc.

The Farm Family of the Day program recognizes 11 farm families – one for every day of the N.C. State Fair – who work hard every day to impact our state’s agriculture industry. Families either nominated themselves or were nominated by members of the community. Thanks to Tractor Supply Company for sponsoring the program, which will run from Oct. 13-23.

R.E. Miller, Jr. & Sons, Inc. – aka Miller Farms – is in Gates County. Miller Farms is a recognized Century Farm. Currently, the sixth and seventh generations are operating Miller Farms. With 6,300 acres of farmland, Miller Farms grows corn, wheat, cotton, soybeans, and peanuts.

Miller Farms contributes to their community by supporting their local businesses and schools. For many young, inexperienced workers, finding a first job can seem impossible. Miller Farms has given many people the opportunity to gain experience by working on the farm. Miller Farms’ goal is to draw more attention to farming in the northeastern part of the state.

“We love the continuing connection to the land and to previous generations of our family” as Malinda Miller describes why she loves farming. Miller Farms loves everything about the N.C. State Fair. They love the food and the exhibits, but their favorite thing about the fair is the opportunity to interact with people from different parts of North Carolina.

If you see the Miller Farms family today on the fairgrounds, be sure to thank them and their ancestors for all their hard work over the century. We are honored to have Miller Farms as the October 18th Farm Family of the Day.

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