900 miles of toilet paper and other numbers

150. That’s how many times the N.C. State Fair has been held since 1853. Which means there has been 150 opening days, 150 times there’s been blue-ribbon winners and 150 times that folks have gathered from all over the state in Raleigh to celebrate agriculture and North Carolina.

While we were thinking about the significance of 150. We began to think of some other numbers (some of them a little weird) that define the N.C. State Fair.

Casey Cardinal on the State Fair Flyer


2,400: Supersized rolls of toilet paper (or 900 miles)
100: Carnival rides
34: Number of year’s Big Smokey has been at the N.C. State Fair in the Forestry Exhibit (he’s been “talking” to fairgoers since 1983 – and he’s one-of-a-kind)
118: Concerts held as part of the Fair’s Homegrown Music Series
104: Logs in the new Our State Public House in Heritage Circle
90: Feet at Dorton Arena’s peak
14: Minutes for a round trip on the State Fair Flyer
126: Carriers on the State Fair Flyer
100: Heritage crafters in the Village of Yesteryear (including 5 new crafters)
250,000: Daily programs printed
40: Feet to the top of the waterfall
1,091,887: Fairgoers for record attendance in 2010
$1.50: Admission on Thursday, Oct. 12, for the 150th Kickoff
40: Breweries (and 40 wineries) featured in the Our State Public House
20: Giant pumpkins competing in the Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off
18: Giant watermelons competing in the Giant Watermelon Weigh-Off
25,674: Competitive exhibits entered into the 2016 State Fair
$166,500: Raised by the Livestock Sale of Champions in 2016
198: Entries into the Folk Festival held daily in Dorton Arena
224: Food vendors

And finally, 1, as in there’s only one N.C. State Fair. Hope you join us in just 5 short days.


About Funhouse

On the blog I go by Fun House (AKA Heather Overton). At the Fair you'll find me checking out the blue ribbon winners or hanging out in Heritage Circle. It would be hard for me to pick a favorite part of the Fair, but I can tell you one thing I hate - leaving it on the last day. I can't wait for opening day!

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