100 days, 100 ways to Celebrate What’s Great (Part 1)

There are only 100 days until the start of the N.C. State Fair, and we can’t wait to celebrate what’s great with you this year. We’re busy planning one of North Carolina’s largest events, and we imagine a few of you are already planning your own trips to the Fair. But, with 11 days of rides, entertainment, exhibits and food, it is impossible to experience everything the N.C. State Fair has to offer. How do you choose what to do and when to do it?

If it feels overwhelming, don’t worry because we are here to help. We’ve compiled a list of 100 great things to do at the N.C. State Fair. Part one is below. Part two will be posted this afternoon.

These items are on our must-do lists. They include agriculture, food vendors, special exhbits, grounds acts and concerts that we’ve grown to love. What about you? What makes the N.C. State Fair great for you?

  1. Frozen banana dipped in chocolate
  2. Cooking shows in the Education Building
  3. The way everyone seems to stop where they are to watch the Fireworks
  4. Dorton Arena concerts
  5. Having an out-of-this-world conversation with Rock-It the Robot
  6. Art exhibits in the Kerr Scott Building
  7. Getting your “official” weight on NCDA&CS Standards Division scale, before and after all the deep-fried goodness
  8. Jack’s Buns
  9. House of Autry hushpuppies
  10. Fried apple turnovers
  11. Winning a prize on the Midway
  12. Interacting with animals at the petting zoos
  13. Deep-fried Ho Hos
  14. Taking ride pictures at night
  15. Deep-fried mac & cheese
  16. The big splash of water made from the Whitewater log flume ride on a hot day
  17. Pork chop biscuit
  18. Super-sized iced tea from the mini-donut lady
  19. Listening to the bands on Military Appreciation Day
  20. Cruising in a bumper boat
  21. Hot tilapia fish sandwiches from the Hot Fish booth
  22. Milking a cow at the N.C. State booth
  23. Spending an entire day at the Fair
  24. Mt. Olive pickles in the Commercial Building
  25. Deep-fried PB & J sandwich
  26. Butcher Boys steak and cheese sandwiches
  27. Watching the pig races
  28. Bloomin’ onion
  29. Taste-testing the latest deep-fried creation
  30. target=”_blank”>Listening to the auctioneer at the livestock auction
  31. Fried cheese
  32. Seeing Steve Trash perform up-close magic tricks
  33. Milk in the Kerr Scott Building
  34. Sitting in the oversized Adirondack Chair
  35. Seeing the smallest horse in the world
  36. People watching
  37. Eating roasted and buttered sweet corn.
  38. Country ham biscuit
  39. Taking a break with one of the State Fair Horse Shows
  40. Going through the Old Grist Mill for free hushpuppies
  41. Having someone guess your age and winning a prize for it.
  42. Buying holiday gifts at the N.C. Pottery Exhibit
  43. The laid-back vibe of Heritage Circle
  44. Seeing LEGO creations in the Hobbies and Craft Building
  45. Italian sausage with peppers and onions
  46. Corn dog
  47. Talking to crafters in the Village of Yesteryear
  48. Picking out a goldfish to take home, even though you know how that story will end
  49. Waiting for the fireworks
  50. Taking pictures on top of Dorton Arena

About Bearded Lady

Paul Jones blogged for the 2009-2012 N.C. State Fairs. Here's his bio from 2009: Paul Jones, here (a.k.a. Bearded Lady). I love the N.C. State Fair. I love the rides, I love the food, but my favorite part of the Fair is the displays of the unusual. The two-headed snake, the world’s smallest woman, the world’s tallest horse and the list goes on. Originally from South Carolina, I hope that I can bring a different perspective to this blog as I shed light on some of the ordinary, yet extraordinary, aspects of this year’s Fair.

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