10 fun things you can do during your visit to the fair

N.C. State Fair Kiddieland Rides

Rides at the N.C. State Fair

Here at Deep Fried, we know a thing or two about the N.C. State Fair. Our staff has more than 50 years’ experience with this annual event, so if you’re looking for directions to help you maneuver all 200 acres of the fairgrounds or the best places to eat, we can point you in the right direction.

But, before you head out to try the latest deep-fried culinary delights at the fair, here are a few things you can do to build up an appetite:

  1. Visit the State Fair Ark. This is the best place to see North Carolina’s diverse production of livestock on display. In fact, this is your chance to see more than 60 animals, including pigs, chickens, goats and cows. You can even try your hand at milking a dairy cow with a little help from volunteers at the N.C. State Animal Science Club.
  2. Spend some time in Heritage Circle. Learn firsthand about North Carolina’s agricultural traditions. At Heritage Circle, you can see the flue-cured tobacco barn, watch a blacksmith demonstration, or see heritage craftsmen hard at work. While you’re there, check out the old grist mill and sample hush puppies made the old-fashioned way.
  3. Take the N.C. State Fair challenges. Participate in the scavenger hunts, try your hand at Deep Fried Bingo, or take the October Instagram Challenge. This is your chance to be an adventurer and learn about the fair while you’re visiting.
  4. Pick up your unlimited-ride wristband. This is your chance to ride the rides on the midway as many times as you can in one day. Are you up for the challenge?
  5. See larger than life characters. Be on the lookout for the Chicken Rider, Giant LotuSapiens, Mother Earth, Rock-it the Robot and the Ostrich Rider.
  6. Watch incredible performers perform feats of strength and skill. The Chinese Imperial Acrobats, King BMX Stunt Show, Pirates of the Columbian Caribbean, The Red Trouser Show, Team Rock: The Ninja Experience and Strongman John Beatty are all performing at the N.C. State Fair. Don’t miss the opportunity to be amazed!
  7. Cheer for animals and their trainers. The fair has agricultural roots and you will certainly get a chance to learn about amazing animals during your visit. But, there are other animals here that are ready to show you their incredible talents. You can cheer on the Circle “C” Racing Pigs or see prancing dogs at the International All-Star Circus.
  8. Taste the best that North Carolina has to offer. Take a tour of the Got to Be NC Agriculture exhibit and discover products from across North Carolina.
  9. Check out the N.C. State Fair Folk Festival. Watch talented dancers and musicians from North Carolina vie for the coveted Bascom Lamar Lunsford Trophy, which is awarded to the individual or group that best exemplifies North Carolina’s musical heritage.
  10. Check out the Homegrown Music Fest and dance to your favorite music. Dance and sing along to free music in Dorton Arena, and at the KitchenCraft Waterfall and CenturyLink Bluegrass stages. For information about all these activities and more, visit the N.C. State Fair website.

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Nicole Roach, here (aka Fair Flyer). The fall is an exciting time of year. I always look forward to the cool crisp evenings, hot cider, the changing leaves, and of course, the State Fair. If you’re looking for me at the fair, you’ll probably find me in line for the State Fair Flyer. To me, there’s nothing better than sitting in a car high above the midway and watching the magic unfold below.

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